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haha. the book is so short, one can finish in few hours. i read it at least 3 times since 1990.

about higher dimension, it's a trip. There are people who train to visualize 4th dimension, some claim to be able to, but mostly it's crazy. When i was younger in the 90s, i read about it, and have tried.

it's this book that got me going amazon Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension by Rudy Rucker. Last time i contacted him was few years ago.

god, why r people kept writing to me in private chat? is it fear of association of pol stuff? you shouldn't. Do it, or do not, not trying to eat cake but no wanna be seen doing it. it's called courage.

Then, i thought sometimes it's fear of competition with my manly style of one-upmanship on tech stuff. like, am gonna clobber you all over, and i do. But, it's curious, i have tons of questions, in js, in programing, lots, but those capable of answering are not there. am sure they exist, and they used to show up in 90s and 2000s. Not today. (also, hardball nerds dwindled.)

been thinking of turning off private. cuz, my life is wasted away answering private chats. 1 chat, 10 min, quickly become 30 min or subsequent chat, hours to come. and am kinda public figure. i can't answer private chats.

am on online sites to post stuff for gain, not become customer service. and it's curious, the way i run things, i get no public exposure, but everyone ask me in private.

Predicting Personality from Book Preferences

lol. this is so accurate. according to the books i like in chart, am introvert, disagreeable, open, neurotic, tardy.

personality book pref be0df
[Predicting Personality from Book Preferences with User-Generated Content Labels By Annalyn Ng, Maarten W Bos, Leonid Sigal, Boyang Li. At ]


we got spam bots.

mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3

look at this warm, sappy, tale from China's official propaganda machine. what does it remind you? it reminds you the warm, sappy, sympathy, empathy, stories from New York Times et al at home.

when u wanna manipulate people's emotion, the best r women n children. something something women n children, n hearts will be touched. It was god believing conservatives, women n children this that. Now it's the sjgang, women n lgbtqefghijkAfricanImmigrantTrans dying need your empathy.

say human life is just 1 day

when you get old, some things you learn impossible when young. say human life is just 1 day. within that 1 day, you die. if you did not pass down what you know, by morrow, nobody on earth knows. everyday, the cycle repeats.

from this shortened life span illustration, you can see, how easy it is to lose info, and how little and slow we pick up from our ancestors. (your parents, books, or elders in Asian culture)

random notes on twitter

what the... apparently china is building model highways u can buy at toy'r'us.

hypersonic missile from russia with love.

The Kremlin said the launch of the new Avangard hypersonic missile system, which is claimed to be impossible to intercept, was a great success

Wikipedia article on Chinese Civil War

Wikipedia article on Chinese Civil War 1927 to 1937, 1946 to 1950, is more detailed than ever. One of the bloodist in history. Chinese Civil War

today's Mao's birthday

a death on xmas 2018-12-25

death on xmas 2018-12-25 a04d5
death on xmas 2018-12-25 a04d5

this is, death on xmas. and some help-mentality type immediately latched on seksual asult.

Taiwan, celebrate Xmas as a luxury festival

Taiwan, celebrate Xmas as a luxury festival, by those who have money. More as fashion+merry making. Those who have lots money often even put a xmas tree at home. And you go out to fancy for steak to enjoy exotic (i.e. Western) tradition. it's a status show off thing.

AFAIK China too. Like, elite American do for Chinese New Year.

When life's good, you multi-culture, the enjoyable parts.

Chinese company #huawei built tech infrastructure in Africa hum, twitter automatically added a icon when you type #huawei. i didn't expect that.

patreon ban sargon

put all things together in 1 page

Don't worry about what you're supposed to do, just have fun with it.

this advice i can use. it's the one am trying to do, when in social situations.

Don't worry about what you're supposed to do, just have fun with it. #CalmDownIn4Words

2018-12-23 from

by the way, Notch (Markus Alexej Persson) is the guy who made the game Minecraft and become billionaire. he's a good guy, and anti sj. follow him. but he posts lots silly nonsense thought flow terse posts.

Scandinavian girl got islam beheaded

some scandinavian white girl, apparently sj-like sympathetic to islamic stuff, went to morocco, and got beheaded. there is a video of it, here

btw, the islamic beheading video has been going on since y2k, basically ever since internet became pop. every few years, there's one in the news. but if u look, there's more. but now we have brain blank milen generation, controlled by rich white elites.

ok. you can now order house cleaning from amazon

amazon house cleaning

5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera By CCTV

on YouTube , there are lots money making skums put up videos like unsolved mysteries or ghosts etc with clickbait titles. Sometimes you get lured into watching. like this one “5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera By CCTV” and often it's scary to watch

often they r unsolved missing white girl or murder. I looked into some. Usually there r subreddit or Wikipedia entry. They r usually just unsolved missing/murder cases. turns out, what fuels them are TV programs churning them out since late 2000s, which then spread to the net.

so, these YouTube channels are lurid video as lurid magazines. It looks like, sensational/fake stuff have always stired human animals and is a big source of money making since big bang. It seems, evolution biologically, out of all things, we see/hear alarm first. those don't, die off.

how much are these lurid channels making? i think a lot. the top ones probably a lot more than average programers in silicon valley

“my sister” creepy face mask and eating thru it

in movies like mission impossible you see people pulling off face masks. turns out, those are real today. this video, was known as “my sister”

Unmasking and eating
by zjcfhgf
Published on May 17, 2009

you can see lots silicon facemask video from this YouTube account named zjcfhgf apparently, they make and sell it

since about 6 months ago, @brave browser can't view pornhub

the landscape of camgirl

todo read

and follow this guy i've been following him few months ago. but unfollowed due to too many posts. but, he digs into the sj stuff very well.

cicada 3301, overview

cicada 3301, overview

deep sea iron ball

this iron ball, is to be dropped 10km under sea. btw, most ocean floor is no more that 4km deep. that 10km is about the deepest chasms, where unknown creatures lurk.

Why a iron ball? cuz else you gonna be crushed by a 1 mega ton anvil. A ball is, like, u can't crush an egg in ur palm. But does anyone know how to calculate pressure? say, you are at n meters below a 10mx10m swimming pool. #physics

Scott Adams is nz

Scott Adams 2018-12-15 7f512
Scott Adams 2018-12-15 7f512

William Blum died

so, William Blum died.

i learned of William Blum when i started to look into human animals, politics, futurism in 2004. (before that, i have 0 idea. my mind was just math, psychology, linguistics, computing, philosophy academic stuff)

xah's log, 2004-03-18 Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World

it's said, that tech advance makes people more ignorant, from observation of history. it's been 18 years since y2k. we have phone in pocket now. it does seem, people are more brainlessness, easier to be manipulated, or distracted.

it seems, the general tactic is to make people happy in small things, while do grand scale things they no like nor see. In other words, produce yuppies, consumers, TV, let people win bikeshed war. though, instead of conspiracy, think of it as how things work.

there is no lizard-men at the top that controls all. but, there are top politicians and businessmen that do control much. So how do you get to that top? i think it more has to do with your personality. you are inherently interested in gaining power, is tact, smart, work hard on it.

look at your pet cat dog. how docile they are, and you love them, they love you. Companion for life. How do you know they won't like natural freedom? Did you know pets are bred via latest science for hundreds of years just to have the right temperament and fur color for you?

US and Canada arrested big China Huawei daughter Meng Wanzhou


i also read this one and learned that china born American Shoucheng Zhang (quatum et al physicst) Shoucheng Zhang fell to his death in USA, because he might be helping china building quantum computers. that was disturbing.

also read:

[The U.S., not China, is the real threat to international rule of law By Jeffrey D Sachs. At ]

by the way, i got words from a friend i trust that can be trusted.

lol, this. and that's why USA+Canada is arresting the boss's daughter for blackmail. (sculpting huawei logo on an apple)


currently drinking latte of Italian origin. the composition is 1 cup of cow teats juice + 1 spoon of coffee powder prepared by electromagnetic radiation with 915Mhz frequency. This life form has become such that its central nervous system depends on this simulation to function optimally.

train goes into building in china


Nanjin massacre

china twitter are posting this all days today. Nanjin massacre.

apparently, there's 1 min alarm howling in whole city Nanjing today video

ho! china employs hologram at airport

China Boxer Rebels (義和團)

the Boxer Rebels (義和團) is to Chinese as Pearl Harbor to American. Movies are made to make sure you know it that way. Boxers, are those who got tired of Brit, France, Germany, American et al eating China, and they believed kungfu can kick barbarians out.

Japan, China, Show Girls

Japan, like China, have car girls. That don't exist in USA anymore. you go to car show, game show, or tech expo, there is lots of them, pretty and smiling for the brand. image search China show girls to see. what if you are pretty and need to make a buck in USA? you open the doors of camgirl.

twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e-2
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and White Meditation

French revolution in action

always watch the real thing, instead of from big corps spin'd clips 4 u

sheet is going on in France. just click #YellowVests on twitter

what i was doing in 2007. Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-06

and 2011. Periodic Dosage Archive 2011-12

have you seen jet fighters of China?

it's pretty weird seeing this of China. I guess i lived in US for too long. But, other countries, say France, must also have jet fighter videos? why am not seeing them. Oh, i live in US. Normally, ur country no show other country's jet fighters.

2018 chinese net slang in English!

2018 chinese net slang in English! lol, the fake news New York Times et al skum do propaganda with Chinese versions of their pub since ~10 yrs ago. Now, apparently, these chinese pubs, also sports English version. You englisher, eat it.

one common style of online propaganda is pleasing stories. u know, a teen girl invented a breakthru. A pretty girl with missing leg survived cancer. Or, some villager saved a puppy against all odds. Usually with background music. always pleasant, touching, or morally right.

propaganda r usually emotion based, n is nasty. often, ur friends tweet them, n u r like, don't believe it! Well, u can't stop the force of saving cute puppies. but, what could possibly go wrong with sympathy for a girl or two? well, we got censorship, brexit, antifa, french revolution.

so, who is CGTN?

CGTN (China Global Television Network), formerly known as CCTV-9 and CCTV News, is a Chinese international English-language news channel of the State-owned China Global Television Network group, part of the China Central Television (CCTV).


Apple's Tim Cook, one skumbag, want to censor freespeech

Tim Cook, one skumbag

Ratbuger is a free blog platform

Ratbuger is a free blog platform, classic online forum, started by AutoCAD founder. If u tired of the medium dot com n other bait n switch.

France in riot. #YellowVests

modern society created a loneliness problem

modern society created a loneliness problem. you don't know or care about your neighbors. your online acquaintances, are just skin deep passerby. The root cause, is independence. Before, we care, cuz we need to, cuz it helps your livelihood and survival.

This article, interesting

[Designing cities to counter loneliness? Let's explore the possibilities By Tanzil Shafique. At ]