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[Why Utopian Communities Fail By Ewan Morrison. At ]

great in depth survey on what happens to utopian societies in the past and today.


“We Are Suing the UK.”

乱世佳人 • Lauren Southern • Brittany Pettibone • Martin Sellner

Steve Bannon, by his looks, you know you don't like him. I know. Yes, you can judge a person by his face. Much of a person's character, is shown thru face.

lost turntable 8730
from the trench war.

How Did Fakenews Jargon Arose?

Amanda Marcotte twitter block

amanda marcotte twitter block 2018 03 08
Amanda Marcotte twitter block 2018-03-08

this woman, just blocked me, over that tweet

note that, Bari Weiss [] is an editor for NY Times.

the rise of the sjw

why i hate sjw