Periodic Dosage 2017-09

empathy, is the road to moral superiority, then cruelty. Do rationalism instead.

Against Empathy: the Case for Rational Compassion

yuppies invents intermittent fasting

the San Francisco tech circles has a new fad: intermittent fasting. Meaning, for example, eat only during 9am to 5pm. Or, no food whatsoever during Saturday and Sunday.

lol. the entirety of animal kingdom, including human animals, have been doing that. Except the fat n rich human animals in USA etc since industrial revolution.

these rich pigs, especially among the programers, life's too good. They were known as yuppies. They are inventitive, like, yoga, tachi, and intermittent fasting.

i practice calorie restriction, roughly for 2 reasons: fantasy and reality. Fantasy part is that, i'll live forever. Scientists says. The other part is, hunger.

mastodon creator supports antifa 11951
the mastodon creator, openly supports antifa

Mozilla gives $100k to antifa

YouTube Censorship at Work, While CNN, Coke, Pepsi, Pulling Money Over Las Vegas Shooting

YouTube's Rules Don't Apply to Everyone

twitter announced to expand char limit to 280.

the main issue about char limit is really just “which way can we make more money”

Self-Centered White Human Animals

i noticed, whenever wikileaks tweet something not white or euro (such as about Spain or South America or Africa), it has very little retweet (e.g. few hundred vs few hundred thousand). It shows the self-centered interest of white animals.

this is particularly so for US American, whose interest is pretty much exclusively USA.

and there's natural cause of this. Because, USA, by geography, is pretty much lonely, plus, USA is the most powerful. When you are most powerful, you don't care about others. (other than the fake sympathy which induced today's SJW scums)

while europe, are “little” countries with lots neighbors. It has to care, because what your neighbors do affects you. Europeans tend to care more about the world. (but today it has been heavily fucked up by sjw, i think due to USA hedgemony)

a digital monk's saga of going on a 400 miles trip

a digital monk's saga of going on a 400 miles trip. (643 km)

got invinted to a mathematician friend's home. Had to travel from Mountain View, CA to UC Irvine, CA.

my driver license is expired for many years. Not enough time to renew. So, can't ride plane. Had to find a bus that don't require ID (or expired ID).

never had a smart phone nor a phone. Had to get a phone if i got lost somewhere.

went to Irvine, tasted good living.

On return trip, the bus broke down. Took 4 hours for replacement to come.

stupid smart phone, asks for OS update. If you accept update when wifi is available, your cell is killed, till it's updated. The phone became a brick.

when off bus, no phone, no bus. It's 1:30 am. Wolfs and hyenas lurk in the dark.

lucky me a taxi happened to pass by. So, got home safely.

ideology vs privacy

in 2000, we nerds are concerned about web cookies, tracking gif. These are the issues you see bitching daily on news.

Today, with cloud, smart phone, it's a magnitude worse, and there's basically nothing you can do except not using a smart phone or computer.

part of the cause of this is fanaticsm in open source and FSF. Because when you push things that don't align with reality, you worsen your goal in the long run.