Periodic Dosage 2017-07

Liu Xiaobo warmonger 2017 07 27
Liu Xiaobo warmonger

See also: Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support

Bombard's Body Language

there's this strange woman, “Bombard's Body Language”, on youtube, who go over many celebrity's interviews, with her voice-over telling us what she sees over the person's body language.

here's example, on Mark Zuckerburg

[ link dead ]

i haven't figured out what this lady's background is. Anyone knows?

comment on reddit

Patreon Ban'D Lauren Southern Unfairly

now, Patreon ban'd Lauren Southern due to politics. See these 2 vids to judge.


Internet Censorship and Surveillance

internet censorship 2017 07 21
quite interesting censorship map. just couple years ago, USA is not in red. Was surprised now it's colored red, and by Wikipedia. Lefty sjw mainstream fake news big problem.
[source Wikipedia on Censorship, accessed 2017-07-21]

npr liberal collusion

npr liberal collusion 2017 07 20 14083
npr liberal collusion

Fuck NPR.

i don't listen to radio, but there's one i've listened to, that's NPR, from 2004 to about 2010, when i was living in a car. They are the only radio station i know, and felt benefited. I particular, i learned about that car brother's show, and several NPR's voices are familiar to me. (one of the guy has lisp problem)

but due to recent sjw left political events, it's sad to learn they are now part of the problem.

They interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos, but apparently, Milo came out reasonable, and they refused to air it. See [ 2017-07-20 ]

They also, refused to cover the Evergreen State College incidence. A great liberal professor got wronged, and he's only invitation to voice it is conservative Tucker's show. Evergreen State College Racism Controversy

A SJW Mathematician

milo's book “dangerous” is now best seller on amazon Dangerous, Milo Yiannopoulos

Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago Dyke March Removed From Reporting Duties
[Story of Jewish Women Barred From Chicago “Dyke March” Removed From Reporting Duties By Ben Cohen. At , accessed on 2017-07-10 ]

sometimes you run into really hateful leftist on twitter

hateful leftist on twitter 2017 07 04

Today's July 4th. WTF is Google doing? Since when the 50 stars become twinkles in the sky?

google july 4th doodle 2017

looking at Google's explanation and past 4th of July doodles, it seems reasonable.

see [2017-07-04 ]

however, today's US Independence Day Doodle is the most unamerican.

For any 4th of July artwork, any American would be able to tell immediately what it is, from the flag, eagle, coloring, fireworks, or any American iconography. Today's artwork don't have that quality.

Google Doodle, before, it was once in a while, fun. Now, it's scheduled propaganda, on every holiday or some guy's birthday, almost every week, and different ones catered to different countries, pampering to the audience. And always presented in, of course, certain “positive progressive” utopia outlook.

google tracking your porn

everytime i look at porn, some cute girl liked something from my tweet.

google tracking your porn 2017 07 03
google tracking your porn

thx to Google for the connection.