Periodic Dosage 2016-01

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

downtown, Santa Cruz, California.
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

today's thing to think about is: how many things you don't know that at least a million people know?

Cicada 3301


Elevator Girl Elisa Lam

Dream: Two-Fingers Security Cam Incident

had the most weird dream.

there's this two-finger video log incident.

basically, a security camera showed that there's a footage of 2 fingers, for a few seconds, as if, someone totally inserted few seconds of clip from nowhere.

this is very strange, because, why would a burglar or otherwise computer criminal insert something of his own fingers into the security cam? Of course, because of this two-fingers video, he got caught.

i was thinking, o men, when did this incidence happen? i must have missed it on the internet. And in semi-awake status, i imagine i googled and find various news reports about it, with titles like “two-finger video mystery solved” or “two-fingers video hacker caught”. And the articles is like explaining, or the hacker in interview explaining, how he was stupid, and it was a incident that happened many years ago when he was a newbie at hacking.

and, i was aware of my semi-dream status, and thought, i'll need to find this out for real. And tried to really remember all the details at the moment.

by the time i'm up from bed, fully awake, then, thinking about the story, i know clearly it's a dream, preposterous. But, couldn't remember much of the details of the story.

[Welcome to the Block Party: The internet after ad blocking By Casey Johnston. At , accessed on 2016-03-21 ]

the info in the world is not tamable. one person can ever hope to just randomly learn something significant as one goes.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

history of japan

twitter, the ad problem and you

twitter is getting more and more aggressive with ads. Most annoying now is the auto-play video ads.

ok. today's xah edu corner: ads or no ads.

to ad or no ad, is a eternal struggle. many claim to rather pay than ads, but that's ideology talking. by statistics, human animals don't pay, unless forced.

but forced pay may not work cuz human animals want free. even if at $1 a year, you wipe out large percent of your audience

the issue is rather psychology and whole system, than individual's judgement of cost/benefits.

many micro payment companies since 1990s failed cuz nobody want to signup. micro pay protocols failed too cuz tragedy of the commons.

publishers, and services such as twitter, have this rather curious problem. You get massive users, spent lots money, but how you gonna get paid?

publishers and services end up force pushing and pushing and pushing ads, and sell user data.

users, for the most part, just keep using it, and kept bitching about it, or use ad blocker.

ad blocker software writer themselves, are faced with the same issue. When popular, they sell out.

the pretention of human animals, resulted this cop and robber game.

with spammers, and SEO fucks that rephrase news, as large sector of the game.

Björk ♪ Pagan Poetry

lock few phD's in a room and get theory of the century?

you can't lock a few phD's in a room and expect great theory. You ends up with lunatics and suicide. Cuz human animals are not machines.

similarly, you can't force fat people to not eat, or put addicts in bondage. Result may be collapse + zombie.

for human animals, sometimes, pep talk, care, will do wonders.

from machine point of view, that means, certain vibration in medium of air, has magical effect on human animal.

lulsec, bitcoin, silk road, a wondrous novel.

Got another DMCA takedown notice. This time, it's a legit call. Nakedness — A Crime of American Conservatives