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Sadism at its birth. Justine (excerpt), (1791) by Marquis de Sade.

Moulin Rouge, C'est Féerie 🎶

Star Trek, is one of the idiotic scifi show. Well, most scifi are like that.

y'see, it's ultimately a show, and a TV show. To sustain a show, you need to have audience, and to sustain audience, foremost you need to please people, show what they like to see, as opposed to what really is, or real intellectual work.

as a show for people, all its aliens are just human animals with a mask. A little bigger head here, a little horn there, but all human down to spine.

human animals, like to please themselves. They imagined, the universe is like them, and the evils and good is our evil and good.

and, not to mention, Star Trek foremost embodies the US American mindset. It pleases and tickles this group of human animals, in particular.

Star Trek, is in contrast to some other scifi, say Dune, or Neal Stephenson's stuff.


Renee Vaughn racist and proud
Renee Vaughn, holding a sign of “WE'RE RACIST AND PROUD”

this is what happens when the American bleeding hearts push their views, on social networks such as Google Plus twitter, we see daily posts of their bullshit about racism, equality, help the poor, feminism, gay rights, fuck. (and, most of these people, are unwilling to really help those in need. They just need to sate their psyche need. Nor are they willing to risk their well-being to challenge the status quo. They mostly just sing along with social trends. )

on the other hand, it cannot be helped. Human animals, is a perpetual power struggle. There's not really a goal, but a process. The power struggle is a psychological process that we are programmed to fulfill. I must WIN. What i win is irrelevant.

The picture source is from a post by a librarian [Michael Pate], posted at

Here's info about the pic from Michael Pate's post:

Proud Racist Renee Vaughan, Associate Staff Director (Austin), spent many weeks of her childhood in the Gila National Forest with her family, and so has a deep appreciation for the world's places of natural beauty. Her hobby is urban and landscape photography. A graduate of the University of North Texas, she began organizing with TCE in August of 2004. Renee is passionate about empowering people to lead their leaders toward more just social and environmental policies, and views the grassroots canvass as a crucial political tool in making real change.

For some reason, her bio is missing from but you can still read it here

“best friend”, what a contemptible concept

“best friend”, what a contemptible concept.

the concept of “friend” in general implies there is also the concept of “enemy” or “non friend”. At its root, lies the fact that not all human animals, are compatible, friendly, helpful to each other. It implies certain tit-for-tat with benefits.

most people, especially US Americans, readily embrace the concept of friends, but downplay the unavoidable incompatibility and cut-throat competition of human animals.

friend or foe is often a thin line. It is not necessarily compatibility, but may be opportune.

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thx to [Joe Corneli].

Q: How to achieve peace?

A: Wipe your enemies out, all of them.

Modern Hipster Obsession

today, the super popular Oatmeal comics has this piece: [The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances - The Oatmeal By Matthew Inman. At , accessed on 2013-07-15 ]

it's a long one, some 10 pages in 5 parts.

in the end, he linked to his blog about his toenail falling off. See photo here

that's strange and pretty sick to look at. Is toenail problems some sort of common problem for marathon runners?

it's a enjoyable comic, and inspiring. However, if you are like him, it's call pathetic. Running obsession like that as he does is a symptom of psychological problems, just as body builders or gym goers that he dissed.

and, now the Xah American say. In rich countries, such as US, the online hipsters worry about being fat. People do “try-something-new-for-30-days”, people invent foodies, yelp, these hip and well-fed and got-nothing-to-do folks, tries to live a healthy living, wholesome life, tries to help blacks, tries to save the world, tries to not be fat and ugly. But they, ‘tis they, who could not diss with their money, who will not shut up in disagreement, could not help a stranger near by, could not do without their 4-wheel drive luxury trucks, could not put away their fancy devices.

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