Periodic Dosage 2013-04

laughter is the result of inner conflict and uncertainty

#Philosophy, Extreme Utilitarianism on the Dead


just got a idea. We need to create a society, where dead is regarded irrelevant, period.

no eulogies, no hating or admiring of the dead (such as Hitler, Lincon, past heroes, kings, great artists, anything)

the gist of the theory is some aspect of extreme utilitarianism.

i got this inspiration now because someone's tweeting about people hating some dead guy, as taught in school. e.g. you spit on some bastard's grave, who have done your country wrong. And such act, and the emotion associated with it, is a waste of time.

so far, without further research/thinking, i think that MOST of acts, behaviors, emotions, in relation to the dead, is a futile, useless, one. It is somewhat similar to admiring God.

also, i guess the above might probably be already covered, for example: as a idea by some philosophy or movement in some region or history…

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: “I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things”

“infographics”, 2013-05-03

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