Infographics 2013-05-03

By Xah Lee. Date:

a infographic. One of the fad of the web since about 2011.

this one is about how to make good video.

so, let me try to make a summary of it.

The prominent title is: QUALITY ABOVE ALL.

the secondary, supplementary, informative, subtitle, telling you what this is about, is: ASSURING YOUR BUSINESS LEAVES THE REST IN THE DUST.

note the English idiom “leave … in the dust”. Without research, i think that is related to “bite the dust”, which, i think alludes to when one falls dawn, as in death, he figuratively bites the dust.

i am a beneficiary of this infographic posting, but i can't help make fun of it.

the so-called “infographic”, isn't intrinsically bad. It's basically a pictorial form of summarized info. Majority of the crowd are brainless. And we like brainless things. So, instead of reading a thesis, you'd rather read a summarized version, with illustrations. That's nice.

but the thing about the infographic fad, is that in our ads age, we have companies churning them out in a factory. So, often, the infographic lost its natural charm. Namely, it's often are not the dedicated craft of a artisan or hard-earned expert. Instead, the content becomes bland, trivial, non-informative.

we live in a info age. All info on twitter and social networks. You read tons of them. They are seemingly informative, but chances are, you are probably better off reading none of it.

sans further ado, here it is:

Via: online video presentation

Here's the required link to the infographic source [ ] which is kinda redundant, because you can also arrive at the site by clicking the giant image.

actually, looking at this infographic, it's not too bad, despite me against fads.