Periodic Dosage 2012-09

started a Chinese blog at 李杀網誌 (most posts are in Chinese only)

the most critical period of a animal's life is when young. That's when death occur the most. Including, human animals. Thus, teen suicide, depression, and other risks. When a animal is young, he lacks experience to deal with survival, and is also physically weak, thus susceptible to predation (bullying) by others.

is your teen years hell? It's not surprising. Same applies to your daughters and sons.

this is not to be taken hysterically. Just a simple fact.

Reddit today isn't just a porn fodder. But stuff there is surpassing 4chan. See new info at bottom: Reddit = Porn Fodder

I always viewed Sweden as a model country. One of Northern Europe country, open views on sex, politics. But since wikileaks …

New twist of event on my youtube porn article: Larry Sanger Reported me to FBI

YouTube = Porn Fodder?