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My brother bought: “The Oxford Spanish Dictionary on CD-ROM” Buy at amazon. Great product.

See also: Review: American Heritage Dictionary vs Merriam Webster Collegiate.

Mathematical Models of 3D Inputs Control (essay)

Found interesting articles today.

Nicole B Ellison, a researcher in social networking sites, has written many articles. See:

Some amazing videos.

Video of insect fights. You have Mantis, spiders, centepeds, wasps, scorporions, Stag beetle, Atlas beetle, Hercules beetle, and even shrimp!. Look at the following 2, wasp vs scorpion. In one of them, wasp won, but the other, the wasp got stung dead by the scorp.

A guy cutting off his penis and balls. BME Pain Olympics, Final Round At

Amazing. With the rapid advance of communication techonolgy, in particular the internet, we can watch all sort of things readily at home within 5 minutes. Just 20 years ago, it would take months of research and digging in libraries.

Soldier Beetle Trichodes alvearius taking off from Knapweed
image source

Beetle are interesting to me in particular of their anatomy. in particular, they have a hard protective shell cover for their wings, called Elytron. Also, their wings are folded! Folded wings is quite fascinating from the design perspective. The elytron function as a armor, of course. Imagine that. The disadvantage is of course the weight and decreased mobility. Another intriguing thing about insects is the Antenna (biology). In particular, read about their functionality.

Discovered a new keyboard hardware design, by a hobbist. The site is, see: . It is the most idiotic keyboard hardware design. A chimera that has the opposite effect of synergy. See also: Keyboards, Layouts, Hotkeys, Macros, RSI.

Though, i admire his dedication to actually manufacture the keyboard hardware. See his writeup here: Something i might do in the future.

2019-01-21 See also: beetle taking off

I'm mentioned by teen do-nothingers: Been mentioned in 4chan a few times starting this year. What is 4chan? It's one of those social network of the juvenile. See 4chan.

Xah Combat Dive Roll

My latest Second Life creation: Xah Combat Dive Roll Movement Enhancer.

Art of Luis Royo (erotica)

Sexual Humor: Wrong Hole Song

Humor: Candy Mountain Cave Song 📺

Daylight saving time, a problematic hack. The benefit of a modern concept of time, is in its precision and universal agreement. Daylight Saving Time is a hack, originally for the benefit of saving electricity, and a very reasonable one. It was effective in the era of early 1990s or so. However, checking on Wikipedia, it is no longer so today. And, consider its other effects such as economics, health, etc, there is no conclusive evidence that it is good.

Basic tutorial on Windows environmental variable, pulled out from my PowerShell tutorial: Windows Environment Variables.

Haskell logo7000
Haskell has a new logo. For creator, context, see bottom of A Lambda Logo Tour.