Art of Luis Royo

Luis Royo (born 1954). A popular scifi artist.

In general, i find Luis's work inferior. Typical of the tired old naked girl theme, and usually lurid, garish, cheap, cheesy. In general, his artwork lacks much artistic expression and creativity. (in this respect, similiar to Boris Vallejo) However, i find the following work very beautiful.

luis royo-under the sheets-2
“Under The Sheets” from “Prohibited Book I”. Luis Royo

This artwork is actually a censored version of another version. Scroll down to see it.

luis royo-under the sheets-u1
From “Prohibited Sex”. Luis Royo

I'm not sure which one is better. I originally saw the censored version, found it a great artwork. Not until a few hours later, i saw the uncensored version. I find explicit illustration of virgina or penis or copulation can be beautiful, and in general find censored work severely reduces the merits in a artwork, however, in this specific case, the showing of the anal penetration seems distractive.