Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-07

Damn YouTube, always taking off videos. Here's a update to the song: White Rabbit. Jefferson Airplane live. Great video!

Great dance music: This Is My Dj

Some issues with Firefox 3.5's rendering: What's a Letter in CSS's first-letter Pseudo-element? (computing)

Added explanations about issues in working with foreign lang in emacs. At bottom: Emacs and Unicode Tips. (computing)

How To Embed Video With Valid Html. Added a example for redtube. (computing)

Archive of newsgroups comp.lang.lisp and comp.lang.scheme is available for download, covering from ~1987-03 to ~2009-07. For download location, see bottom of Death of a Troll, My Memory of Erik Naggum (1965 to 2009).

Created a porn vid blog, where i show online porn vids i like. Xah's Favorite Porn Videos.

Short commentary: Scheme and Failure (computing culture)

In the past month, i've started to learn and work on a PowerShell tutorial. See: PowerShell Tutorial. (computing)

No Fly List. One fucked up fuck by George motherfucker Bush. Look at the number of high profile people who got effected by this list, including some US senators or politicians, then one can feel the scale and how fucked up it is.

State of Theorem Proving Systems 2008 (math; logic; computing)

Erik Naggum and the Phrase RIP (English; literature)

Microsoft End User Agreement. (humor; screenshot)

Humor: Linux Mac Windows Perception

Gropecunt Lane. That's Grope Cunt.

Gropecunt Lane (pronounced /ˈɡroʊpkʌnt ˈleɪn/) was a street name found in English towns and cities during the Middle Ages, believed to be a reference to the prostitution centred on those areas; it was normal practice for a medieval street name to reflect the street's function or the economic activity taking place within it. Gropecunt, the earliest known use of which is in about 1230, appears to have been derived as a compound of the words "grope" and "cunt".[1] Streets with that name were often in the busiest parts of medieval towns and cities, and at least one appears to have been an important thoroughfare.

Although the name was once common throughout England,[2] changes in attitude resulted in it being replaced by more innocuous versions such as Grape Lane. Gropecunt was last recorded as a street name in 1561.

Introduction to Windows Scripting (computing)

Sarah Palin bimbo resigns.

The Bimbo from Alaska: Sarah Palin

Found a site According to the site, my site has a estimated worth of $19995.2 USD, with daily ads revenue of $27.24. The estimated traffic is actually 40% of my actual. So, perhaps my site worth is $60 daily, or $1800 monthly.

A screenshot of Note the page view is less than half of my actual.

Removing HP/Compaq Software (computing; PC)

More photos of people dressed in US flag themed attires: Banners, Damsels, and Mores

Igloo Hotel (architecture; photography)

Sea Plane Wreck (photography; nude girls)

A fantastic site collecting photos of man-made abandoned things: buldings, ships, planes, wrekages.

Google reports on Spam. “Q2 2009 Spam Trends”, .

“Spam2.0: Fake user accounts and spam profiles”, .

These reports offers some insight on the spam industry, a sizable activity of human animals in the computing sector. See also: