Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-06

Lyrics appreciation: 詩意 (Shiyi) (lyrics)

Death of a Troll, My Memory of Erik Naggum (1965 to 2009). (computing culture; newsgroup; Erik Naggum)

Talk on “Concurrency and Language Design” (2008-10) by Anders Hejlsberg and Guy Steele (video interview):

A evaluation of Google-code-prettify: Syntax Coloring with Google-Code-Prettify. (computing; syntax-coloring)

Now there's a search box for all index pages on my website. e.g. there is a search box on the right side on this page.

Some funny commercials. Cars and Girls 📺

A environmental tragedy: Aral Sea. (photo) Web Traffic Report 2009-06.

Google Search Dropped Traffic To XahLee.Org (computing,, google search)

Song appreciation: Kumiko Noma - Lilium (Elfen Lied).

“Laura Branigan - Self Control” Buy at amazon

Song appreciation: Self Control by Laura Branigan. condom commercial. It shows a stewardess in their typical gestures of pre-flight safety, but instruct on the use of condom instead. Very funny.

perm url: Humor: Condom Video Commercials. (funny video)

Started to write: Emacs and Microsoft Windows Tips.

The interactive geometry application GeoGebra on my site Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves has been updated to the latest version, 3.2. For a feature list of GeoGebra 3.2, see: Release Notes GeoGebra 3.2.

Misc tidbits:

Another porn vid site:

Wolfram alpha. Ambitious, but a bit lackluster at the moment.

Some comments on Google Custome Search.

Why Must Software be Rewritten for Multi-Core Processors? (computing)

Installing Cygwin Tutorial. (computing, unix)

Complexity of Software Engineering; Emacs, Unicode, Unison. (computing)

Updated, 2 music videos on American culture. The Stereotypical American.

Some news on the Free state project. Quote:

As of April 17, 2009, there are 9235 members, of which 701 have already moved to New Hampshire.[1] The movement achieved a victory in 2006 when one of its members, Joel Winters, was elected to the New Hampshire state legislature. Winters ran as a Democrat.[2] In 2008, six Free Staters were elected to the N.H. House, including Winters, according to group members.

Discovered Hunspell. (roughly, spell checker evolution in the unix world is: ispell ⇒ aspell ⇒ hunspell.)

Google previewed their Google Wave, see video here: It is fanstastic. You learned, that it is entirely written with Google Web Toolkit, which is a Java framework. You write GUI app in Java, and the system compiles to cross-browser ajax technology based webpages with html and JavaScript (e.g. Gmail). The advantage is that you don't have to worry about browser compatibilities, and difficult problems of coding fancy interfaces such as draggable widgets, which otherwise would take years of web app dev experience to code and design. This is really a major achievement, and a fantastic tool. I really want to use it, but, however, Java? In today's langs, such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, Mathematica, one line is some 50 lines of Java. Why fucking Java? Java? The other major problem for me to adopt, is that the toolkit does not produce valid html. If you check,,, none are valid html. The html on my website must be valid html. (See: HTML Correctness and Validators)