Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-01

Why Lisp Do Not Have A Generic Copy-List Function (computing; lisp)

Body Sushi (erotica)

Newsgroup writing: 3D Graphics Formats and Social Causes in Computer Languages (computing)

Why Is Namespace So Difficult? (computing; computer languages)

What's Currying in Computer Science?

The xlsl-mode, a Linden Scripting Language Mode for Emacs.

Language, Purity, Cult, and Deception (computing; essay)

Updated: Syntax Coloring Source Code In HTML with emacs lisp. Added elisp code to dehtmlize text. (computing; emacs)

Updated Emacs's Command Frequency page. Added a stat of 5 months of my own usage at the bottom. (emacs; computing)

Found a japanese translation of my emacs tutorial on Emacs Lisp Idioms (for writing interactive commands): “武蔵の日記” at: Cool!

Updating Atom/RSS with Elisp (emacs; computing; tutorial)

Google has a open source technology that uses JavaScript to color code in html on the fly instead of using the bulky markup. See bottom of: Elisp: Syntax Coloring Source Code In HTML.

What is HTML Microformat (html; validator; web dev)

Learned about Matroska file format today (“.mkv” suffix). What's good about it is that it contain videos with any set of subtitles for different langs. (i'm sorry to say, that i learned this from pirated DVDs.)

Emacs: Make elisp-index-search use Current Symbol (computing; elisp)

Programing Language: A Ruby Illustration of Lisp Problems (computing)

2 more basic tutorials on web dev: Cascading Style Sheet Basics, How To Embed Video With Valid Html.

Neal Stephenson at Google Talk 📺 (commentary; sci-fi; society; futurism)

Two PHP tutorials: PHP: Send HTML Mail, PHP: Send Mail with Attachment (computing; computer language)

My ErgoEmacs Keybinding is now on Google Code:

Today i bought a Nokia 2610 prepaid phone (branded GoPhone). Buy at amazon

Here's Wikipedia articles: Prepaid mobile phone. According to uncited resource in Wikipedia, majority of cellphone users today are using pre-paid service.

Some notes about using USB flash drive with OS X, added to bottom of ZIP, Open Source, Mother-Son Relationship.

Emacs Should Adopt HTML To Replace Texinfo (computing; emacs)

2 rants related to emacs and blogger software. A Emacs Frustration (blogger package), Google Blogger Account Pain.

Spend about 2 days updating my JavaScript, CSS, HTML Tutorial. Now the whole tutorial is available for download. Some more cleanup, reorganization, materials to add, will be done next week.

A murder ballad: Where The Wild Roses Grow (lyrics appreciation)

Was reading some Camille Paglia's essays.

“Obama surfs through” (2008-11-12) by Camille Paglia. at

Many of her essays are hard to read, due to its dense scholarship. I always learn some new phrases, vocabulary, idiom, or other known persons. Though, i can't believe she likes Sarah Palin. I think Palin is a dumb broad. Here're items i learned from her essay: The Weather Underground and Weatherman (organization), Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers.

Here's another of her essay:

“Final Cut: The Selection Process for Break, Blow, Burn” (2008 fall) by Camille Paglia. HTML version: 16-1.html (better download the pdf version on the site, because the html version is full of errors (it erroneously omitted all hyphens in hyphenated words. They are just about in every paragraph)).

The PDF version has 23 pages. In the beginning, i started to read with some care, and looked up words i don't know or Wikipedia for poets i haven't heard of. Then, quickly it become too tedious. Almost every paragraph there are words, persons, works, i wanted to look up. Some paragraph has tens of those in a sequence, of names i never heard of. I stopped reading at page 16. The piece is too esoteric. I thought i was fairly educated in literary matters too. LOL. (reading the whole with care will take perhaps a damn day.)

Added a screenshot from movie Idiocracy to US Flag Culture in Cinema.

The Annotated Unabomber Manifesto is now available for download free.

Spent like goddamn 8 hours to clean up annotation markup on Industrial Society and its Future, so it is consistent with other annotation in my Literature Classics. So, in the future, the annotation can be mechanical parsed and transformed. While cleaning up the markup, inevitably i also had to read parts of it again to cleaned up my previous annotation, which is written somewhat in a facetious style. Part of the re-annotation also means reading a lot Wikipedia articles on history and diverse subjects.

My diet and some notes on Wikipedia readings: Xah Lee Food . (diet, cereal, vegetarian, food, nutrition)