Periodic Dosage Archive 2008-10

Updated: English Vocabulary: Combination Words (English vocabulary)

Crusader torture Bibliotheque Nationale De France
Crusader torture, from Bibliotheque Nationale De France

see also Art of Henry Darger

Hyphenated Words

Update: A Text Editor Feature: Extend Selection By Semantic Unit.

Updated: Vocabulary Study: Hyphenated Wonders.

World prisoner population map at: Prison.

See also: Population Under the Firmament.

Emacs Lisp Wrapper for Perl/Python/Ruby Scripts (computing; emacs)

Updated with “The Concept of Name Space in Computer Languages” at: Why You should Not Use the Jargons lisp-1 lisp-2. (computing)

Usability Problems With Emacs's Letter-Case Commands (computing)

Annotated: The Tale Of The Ensorceled Prince. (literature).

Major update on Linden Scripting Language with Emacs. (computing)