Periodic Dosage Archive 2008-07

Annotated The Masque of the Red Death. (literature)

White Rabbit (lyrics commentary)

How Shall I Respond? (netiquette; programer culture)

Emacs's M-‹key› Notation vs Alt+‹key› Notation (computing; essay)

Added a new artwork of “leda and the swan” by Fred Einaudi, at Leda and the Swan, page 3.

Why Can't You Be Normal? (newsgroup post; netiquette; rant)

Ok, time to update my YouPorn watching blog! Among the discoveries: A vid having orgasm showing her vagina spasm. Actress Tara Reid baring her breast. Brazilian Carnival orgy. A documentary vid of a girl doing interview and porn vid and photo session. Rose a scandal because its said she is Miss Russia 2005. Xah's Porn Outspeak; You Porn!

Discovered a video on YouPorn of a widely circulated photo of a Brazilian girl fan cheering in World Cup 2002, baring her breast. See: Vexillology of babes in World Cup 2002.

Proliferation of Computing Languages. (computing)

Infamous photos fakes.,0,2972551.photogallery

For several years, i've seen a video circulating on the web, of a nude gymnast doing tumbling. She did pretty well from my untrained eye. I always thought it was just some girl who trained in gymnastics and did the vid. Today, i saw a vid on youporn:; The vid includes a brief subtitle. She is actually gold gymnast Corina Ungureanu (born 1980) and has appeared in Playboy.

(Knowledge + Love) / Disrespectfulness (essay on programing culture, netiquette)

Aloofness vs Approachable (essay on programing culture)

Fundamental Problems of Lisp (computing; essay)

Computer Keyboard Design Flaws

What Do Tech Geeking Morons Want? (rant)

Emacs's HTML Mode Sucks (computing industry; essay)

A new version of my ErgoEmacs Keybinding. This version fixes some keys in minibuffer, shell, info modes.

Why You Should Not Swap Cap Lock With Control (computing essay)

How to Install Emacs Packages (computing tutorial)

Elisp Lesson: Make Downloadable Archive Of A Website. (computing tutorial)

Elisp Lesson: Creating Sitemap (computing tutorial)

My DHTML tutorial DHTML Tutorial is available for download. Download link at the bottom of the page.