Megan Fox Dresses Son as Daughter

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Megan Fox Son Daughter

gosh the crass american eediots. one reply to this, and endless notifications pros n cons. while when u post something that needs brain, 0 notification.

megan fox son daughter 2023-06-10
megan fox son daughter 2023-06-10
Megan Fox dresses son as daughter JWVV3
Megan Fox dresses son as daughter JWVV3

for what's worth, i looked into this yester. megan fox, claimed in glamour interview:

“Noah started wearing dresses when he was about two...”

lol. since age 2. that tells me, she's a degenerate skum.

also, apparently, several other pop stars r doing this. raising their son as daughter, some, adopted son, not even their own. apparently, when u r rich, u can buy a kid from africa, and treat it as your sex doll and trump card. very fashionable.

Charlize Theron dresses son daughter 2023-06-11 xSH52
Charlize Theron dresses her adopted son as girl 2023-06-11

(and btw, “child abuse” is a whitemen's obsession. The concept originated in california in 90s or before. From there on it evolved into today's sjw mindset.)

if you apply the concept of american child abuse of cali law, half of china taiwan parents goto jail. lol.

o, if you apply the child abuse of not letting your children gets tits and dicks cut as of today in usa, entire humanity, is child abuse.