Mario Nawfal (aka Nassif)

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The crimes of Mario Nawfal, a multi-million dollar scamer his real name seems to be Nassif.

Mario Nawfal, Exposed by HashBastardsNFT

Mario Nawfal 2023-05-27 G2qrF
Mario Nawfal 2023-05-27 G2qrF

Mario Nawfal Exposed by Upper Echelon

Mario Nawfal Exposed by Maile

Many have asked about my experience with Mario Nawfal, and why I oppose his Twitter Spaces. Here is my complete experience of Mario, including my opinions of why I will no longer tune into anything he produces on Twitter. I will cover Marios Clubhouse Suspension in February of 2021, the Bitclout crypto rug pulls and my own personal experience of him taking $500 from me, problematic Twitter Spaces held by Mario, his problematic cohosts, and the horrible experiences of others as well. Any required Screen shots will be in the comments.

Please read this in its entirety. Any questions are welcome. And, if I get anything wrong I am happy to correct details.

(1) Clubhouse Suspension and Deplatorming of Mario Nawfal

My first experience with Mario was on a social audio platform called, Clubhouse. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth. He ran large rooms, and was eventually suspended and completely deplatformed from Clubhouse, meaning the owners of the app completely deleted his account. @Jason Jason Calacancis alleged heavy allegations about Mario as did Marko Filipovic.

Source Marko Filipovic published his recollection of Mario being a “course selling scammer” who allegedly took money for coaching clients then ghosted them not delivering the promised coaching. “Calacanis later began attacking Nawfal and some of the other moderators on his Twitter feed, describing them as a group of course-selling scammers … which eventually led to Nawfal's Clubhouse account getting suspended without warning.”


(2) Bitclout Crypto Mess

Following Clubhouse Mario was active on a Decentralized Crypto platform called Bitclout (the platform in its original state is no longer around and is now rebranded to Deso).

Crypto expert and former SEC and Attorney @AlexDamsker always warned me Bitclout the platform was a scam. I didn't see her warnings or understand that the users on the platform, could also scam people. I joined the platform and was eventually rugged by a user, Mario, over approx. $500 at the time. Sure, it's just $500, but there are other users who allege they were ripped off up to $100,000 by Mario. Would you trust someone willing to screw you over for approx. $500 USD? I don't.

Bitclout is a bit complicated, Upper Echelon did many videos accusing Mario of “Fraud” as well as the Bitclout details here:

YouTuber Upper Echelon also made a series of YouTube videos about Mario calling him a “fraud”, including the Bitclout details here:

Twitter User @HashBastardsNFT goes into more details about this as well on his many threads on Twitter.

(3) Mario Gets Active on Twitter Spaces

Sometime after this mess in late 2022, Mario gets active on Twitter Spaces again. And yep, I am an idiot who decided to give him a second chance. I even DM'd him and asked to join a stage to listen to @AlexDamsker speak about Crypto, I wanted to ask her about Mario and the Bitclout sceme, but of course was denied. Gee, I wonder why?

Friends of mine joined as Hosts, Co-Hosts and speakers on Marios spaces. I wanted to believe Mario had changed. Sadly more problems emerged. Brian Penny @TheBrianPenny wrote, “Just search “Mario scam” “Mario grift” etc in Twitter to find a bunch of this stuff.”

I have also consistently asked for Mario to include women in conversations about things like Sexual assault. I will never waiver on that request:

(4) Specific Twitter Platform Manipulation and Legal Threats by Mario- Ella Irwin @EllaGIrwin Decision

A space by @NuanceBro was held recently, and I was asked to speak about my experience with Mario. I raised a few, important to me issues including:

A: That it is alleged that Mario heavily bots his Twitter Spaces, in an effort to look like his spaces are bigger than they are.

B: That his spaces are often male only dominated conversations with only men on stage. I wrote about this issue here:

C: That there is an alleged screen shot floating around that Mario told Elon Musk he had received $10 MILLION DOLLARS in MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) money to run his “Roundtable Spaces”.

Shortly after this space, an incredibly rude DM from a Mario employee named Tarek, threatening to sue me for speaking about Mario even if I don't use his name.

This is the MOST problematic thing I have experienced with Mario. I have “Tarek Houssan” blocked on his main account, and Tarek accessed Marios account, to threaten me via DM. To me, this is platform manipulation. If someone blocks you, you honor that block. You don't further harass them by utlitizing others accounts to threaten them.

I reported this harassment directly to Ella Irwin and of course, as she was working on the issue, another separate issue erupted, and she resigned from Twitter the next day. My case is now dead.

(5) Problematic CoHosts Sulaiman and Ian

A major concern of many is that Mario continues to give extremely problematic accounts a voice, in the form of stage spots, Co-host positions, and even hires them to his company.

Sulaiman @shaykhsulaiman specifically is an Andrew Tate supporter, and once tweeted Rape is ok and that “Rape is just feelings”. He also allegedly flew from Britain to Palm Beach Florida to harass a victim of rape on her doorstep. WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH WOULD YOU GIVE THIS PERSON A MICROPHONE?

Ian, @Stillgray is a whole another issue. He has admitted in Spaces, to taking MONEY FROM RUSSIA. When he speaks in Mario about spaces, he is a paid Russian propagandist. Are you ok with that? I' not.

Some of Mario's TOP speakers and cohosts have resigned from his Roundtable spaces, and quietly moved on. Look around, who is missing and WHY? All of the “inner circle” KNOW why and yet remain silent.

(6) Problematic Blocking

One of my most vocal concerns is CoHosts who often block people out of Marios Newsspaces. Have you ever heard of CNN, FoxNews or any other news source blocking people from listening to their broadcasts? No, its next level unprofessional. And yet, Mario and his crew do it all the time.

(7) I'm not alone, others have terrible experiences too!

Search Twitter for the many people who have their issues with Mario. I'll let them speak for themselves. Here are just a few:





(8) CONCLUSION Questioning Citizen and Twitter Journalists

By now if you've read this far you might be wondering WHY DOES THIS MATTER? To me, in my opinion, this matters because Mario alleges he is a Twitter Journalist, one who offers unbiased and no echo chambers spaces.

We all have a right to ASK about Journalists. Where does their money come from? Who do they platform and who do they give a voice?

I have a right to question my media sources, and you do too! Even @elonMusk said journalists “know who butters their bread”.

So, knowing everything we know above, who butters Marios bread?

(9) What do I want from this?

My desire is to simply share the truth, my experience and my opinions. We should all be able to. I don't want to decide FOR YOU, how you feel about Mario. I want you to have the facts, so you can decide if you want to tune in.

At a minimum Mario is problematic and @ElonMusk shouldn't be tweeting and retweeting his spaces. Mario has claimed he is internally working with Twitter, and I think Twitter should pull any special resources they've given Mario. Why highlight him?

(Image courtesy of Upper Echolon, YouTube)

Mario Nawfal Exposed by Maile 2023-06-24 qhwxc
Mario Nawfal Exposed by Maile 2023-06-24 qhwxc

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