Star Spangled Playmates

Shae Marks
Shae Marks (born 1972), Playmate 1994 May.
Girls of Starbucks
From “Girls of Starbucks” pictorial (Playboy, 2003-09.)
9107 wendy kaye cf
Wendy Kaye (born 1972), playmate 1991 July.
Donna D'Errico
Donna D'Errico (born 1968), playmate 1995 September.
Julianna Young
Julianna Young (born 1960), Playboy's 1993's Miss November -- exhibiting more than a patriotic regard.
julianna young
Julianna Young hindquarters
naked flag chicks on boat
Flag-adorned Playboy models. Note also the flag-themed pony-tail tie. The girl on the right is sporting the stars'n'bars rebel swimsuit. This photo is from Playboy's Aquatic Beauties Special Edition 1994 (México) page 93, and the girls are Melissa Anne, Rowan Alexanders and Sloane de Cléves..
naked girl
Pamela Anderson

flag dressflag swimsuit