Star-Spangled Male Stars

kid rock
American entertainer Robert Ritchie (aka Kid Rock ), wears a flag poncho during the 2004 Super Bowl half-time show. This is the same event where Janet Jackson's Breast Outrage took place.
Kid Rock flag coat
Kid Rock, in a furry American flag-inspired coat, performs at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany, 2001-12
rally to restore sanity  Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert at Rally to Restore Sanity (2010). [ image source 2011-07-11 ]
rally to restore sanity  Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart at Rally to Restore Sanity (2010). image source
Axl Rose flag pants
Axl Rose opts for American flag cycling shorts during a January 1980 concert.
Ted Nugent flag shirt
Ted Nugent (born 1948) in a flag shirt performs at “Rockin” The Corps: An American Thank You Celebration Concert, in San Diego, California, April 1, 2005.
Luke Perry flag shorts
Luke Perry (born 1965), actor, at MTV rock'n'jock basketball in 1991.
Will Ferrell flag boxer
Comedian Will Ferrell (born 1967) opts for American flag boxers while onstage at Carnegie Hall.
Little Richard flag shirt
Little Richard (born 1932) wears his national pride on his sleeve as he performs with Chuck Berry on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,’ Burbank, Jan. 2002