Stars'n'Striped Toys

By Xah Lee. Date:
toy bear in USA flag dress toy bear in USA flag dress
Even teddy bears love to dress in Stars'n'Stripes. Photo taken in Mountain View, California, USA, 2005.
Wonder Woman toy
Toy of Wonder Woman pulling in a bad guy with her lasso. This toy is bought from Burger King fast-food eatery chain. Photo taken in Maryland, 2004-10.
Toy darts with the stabilizer painted in USA flag motif. Photo taken on 2004-10 at Wal-Mart in Mountain View, California, USA.
stars'n'stripes pens
God'n'flag decorated pen. Photo taken in a Adventist (Christian) bookstore in Maryland, 2004-10. Note the words “God Bless America” on the clip.
US flag pens
US flag pens, from souvenir shop, Washington DC. 2004-10.
stars'n'stripes pencils US flag BiC lighter
Beautiful flag pencils. WalMart, Mountain View, California, 2004-11. Right: BIC lighter from Safeway store, Mountain View, California, USA, 2004-10.
US flag mouse pad
US flag and eagle decorated mouse pad, a computer store in Spring Field, Maryland. 2004-10.
flag pouch
A pouch of plant nutrients with USA flag printed on it. Photo taken in Mountain View, CA, USA. 2005-05.
US flag decorative light
A x-mas-tree decoration light in the shape of US flags. Photo taken on 2003-05-05 at Fry's Electronics Store in Mountain View, California, USA.
stars'n'bars cellphone cover stars'n'stripes cellphone cover US flag girl sticker
Left: Stars'n'Bars and Stars'n'Stripes cellphone covers for early model of cell phone. (~2000, Nokia) . (If you have better photo, please email me) Right: A decorative car sticker in the shape of a slender girl's beach-posing silhouette, filled with stars and stripes pattern. Image from the web, 2004-08. Source unknown.

flag dressflag bikini