Union Jack Cars

By Xah Lee. Date:
car mini Amsterdam 2005
A Mini Cooper with Union Jack painted on top, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005-05. (Photo by Henrik Brameus, http://blondino.multiply.com/photos/photo/28/3.JPG; Used with permission, 2005-09.)
scooter Amsterdam 2005
A Scooter with Union Jack tire cover, spotted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2005-02. (Photo by Henrik Brameus, http://blondino.multiply.com/photos/photo/28/1.JPG; Used with permission, 2005-09.)
Union Jack cars
A car with its external rear mirrors painted in Union Jack, ~2005, Europe. (Photo by Heiko, http://heiko.multiply.com/photos/photo/2/1.jpg . Used with permission, 2005-09.)

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