Vans, Monster Trucks, 18-Wheelers — Bigger IS Better


Asides from chicks, there is nothing WASPs love more than trucks.

flag-painted 18-wheeler
A 18-wheeler of Graebel Van Lines (a moving company), which is painted with the company's flamboyant Star'n'Stripes logo. Photo taken in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), California, USA, 2004-08.
Alliant Food Service 18-wheeler, Mountain View, CA, 2004-12.
truck with flag painted
Flag truck load trailer, Mountain View, CA, 2005-01.
U-Haul truck
Moving Van rental company U-Haul. Photo taken in Silver Spring, Maryland, 2004-10.
A truck painted in Stars'n'Stripes
A truck painted in Stars'n'Stripes. Photo taken in Mountain View, CA, USA, 2005-02.
flag monster truct
US flag painted monster truck
A monster truck with US flag body paint. img src
flag bus
USA Flag painted bus. (source unknown 2008-06)
US flag themed CFI ad
Ad from a motel booklet for truckers picked up from Interstate highway 80 truck stop on 2004-10.
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