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What happened to The Fiamengo File (a YouTube channel on feminism)

here seems to be private email from Janice Fiamengo.

Janice Fiamengo 2023-04-13 003129
Janice Fiamengo 2023-04-13 003129

Hello my friend,

Things have got much worse since I last wrote. Steve applied to YouTube to set up a membership system, and YouTube decided to permanently ban the channel.

The reason given is that the videos violated community standards and were harmful to members.

Nothing more specific is (ever) given by YouTube, and no specific instances of the alleged violations are provided.

In the past, YouTube censors have flagged individual videos, including many Fiamengo File videos, for such violations, but they never say what the violation consists of. They simply direct you to a page that lists examples of types of violations, including obscenity, threats of violence, intimidation, harassment, etc. But that's not usually very helpful given that I almost never used any obscenity and certainly no threats of violence, etc.

That's how YouTube is. For the past few years, it has been moving steadily against (...) anything at all that criticizes feminism or transgender ideology or critical race theory or anything else. (...)

Unfortunately, that is the end of Studio Brule. It might be possible to post some of the Fiamengo File videos under a different channel name, but the YouTube censors are not stupid. Eventually that channel would be banned too, and before that, we would endure a world of irritation and harassment. Steve spent most of his time over the past year or two fighting with YouTube to have certain videos reinstated. After a while, one just can't be bothered anymore.

(...) All anti-feminism is understood as 'misogynistic.' There is no arguing with the woke employees of a woke corporation.

It's very disappointing, of course, but alas, it's the way it is. We saw it coming for years.

All best, Janice.

source [Janice Fiamenco has been censored by YouTube! By Blauwpetje. At https://old.reddit.com/r/LeftWingMaleAdvocates/comments/pctoxp/janice_fiamenco_has_been_censored_by_youtube/ ]

2023-04-13 the YouTube channel The Fiamengo File, at url [https://www.youtube.com/user/StudioBrule] by account name StudioBrule, seems censored by YouTube sometime around 2028-08-27.

as of 2023-04-13, her new websites are

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