China, Woman Hit by Car, Nobody Helped

By Xah Lee. Date: .
city 驻马店 in 河南 (Henan) province, China. Happened in April 2017.

basically, this happened in city 驻马店 (Zhumadian) in 河南 (Henan) province, China. Happened in April 2017.

The video is uploaded to internet on 2017-06-07, and became viral.

Part of the reason nobody helped because there was a incident in 2006 , where a old woman got hit by car or fell, and someone helped, and the victum blamed the helper, and went to court, and the court decided that the helper is responsible. (it's not clear exactly what happened) With that incident, and also general stories in China, and some Chinese cultural illness, it's widely said or joked in China online communities that never help someone or such.

See Xu Shoulan v. Peng Yu:, Chinese version 南京彭宇案. (note: the Wikipedia articles there may not be unbiased, but at least gives some idea of the incident.)

The woman who got hit died. The drivers are caught, and subject to law. According to reports, the case is still going.

In USA, whenever an incident happens, we go bats about god, gun, gay. In China, they have a illness of their own. Everytime a incident happened, Chinese people accuse Chinese, Chinese culture, and government, in a irrational and irresponsible way.

中青在线驻马店6月8日电(张玉甫 中国青年报·中青在线记者潘志贤)从6月7日开始,一起今年4月发生在河南省驻马店市的交通肇事案件视频,引发全网关注。从视频看,因肇事车逃逸和现场经过路人和车辆未对被撞倒女子及时施救,从而引发“路人太冷漠”的质疑。




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by the way, if you are in a chinese online chat community, you see vids like these a lot, almost every month. Such as car accidents, suicide. (in USA, basically videos of gore are self-censored, e.g. there are lots car accidents, suicide, but you don't see them on youtube or twitter, because they are not allowed, or you got reported.)

also, if u American, what you read about China in English is mostly fake news, news that you want to hear. (such as, China does not respect human rights, Chinese people want democracy, gov corruption, China is building big weapons, etc.) Yes, there are angry Chinese in China, but not about the things you thought.