Xah and Sleeves: A Dialogue Between a Man and a Woman

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Dramatis Personae


1:26:01 Sleeves: what are you doing here, miss me or something?
1:26:11 Xah: lol.
1:26:53 Xah: am abut to depart this earth
1:27:09 Xah: good that you came.
1:27:18 Xah: so i can say goodbye
1:27:26 Sleeves: you wouldn't be so stupid
1:27:55 Xah: turns out, i die before you, eh?
1:28:11 Sleeves: you with your history should know, when all is lost, you just go do something stupid, and it will turn out better
1:28:26 Sleeves: the only truly stupid thing to do is die
1:28:54 Xah: so shall i spend the next n hours to discuss with u bout the philosophy of suicide?
1:29:03 Sleeves: yes
1:29:15 Xah: and then expect u to fuck me over one last time?
1:29:29 Xah: and feel overjoyed about it too?
1:29:29 Sleeves: who cares? I'm not gonna kill you or something
1:30:07 Xah: it's like, O, my life is worth it. slvs active seek me out before i died.
1:30:45 Sleeves: you were just online in YIM, that's all
1:31:15 Sleeves: you cut me off in sl, and I don't go on skype so I dunno, but I still use yim, and here you are
1:31:36 Xah: well my pc's dead
1:31:44 Sleeves: ouch

1:35:20 Sleeves: so, you are sad enough, that you feel it's better to die than be alive and this sad?

2:32:01 Sleeves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJHdT1j6hH8&feature=player_detailpage#t=22s

3:23:57 Sleeves: I'm going to beat you
3:24:57 Xah: i miss u slvs
3:25:01 Xah: but it's too bad
3:25:32 Xah: if, just in case, one day u hear am dead, then, it's good to know you.
3:25:45 Sleeves: you dummy
3:26:08 Sleeves: I dunno why you'd be that stupid to begin with, but I won't allow it
3:26:38 Sleeves: and don't say is good to know me, when you hate me right now, you don't even answer voice call :P
3:27:33 Xah: am on my 6 yrs old mac. am not hearing any voice call
3:27:40 Xah: dont want to talk bout it anyway
3:28:17 Sleeves: you better talk about it
3:29:34 Sleeves: and your mac can handle voice chat, just update yim
3:32:19 Sleeves: you know you can talk about it with me, if nobody else. so you better do it

3:36:51 Sleeves: even if you dun like me anymore, you know I'm the one you can talk to

3:45:18 Sleeves: I suppose, since you no voice with me, you are voice with someone else
3:45:48 Sleeves: I don't trust that person to treat you right
3:46:26 Xah: dont worry bout me. am still alive

Exeunt Xah

3:47 Sleeves: you asshole. keep talking
3:53 Sleeves: you being dramatic and enigmatic bitch, like emo teenager
3:56 Sleeves: you got 5 mins if you wanna talk to me. I can't wait around forever for you