The Art of Propaganda

By Xah Lee. Date: , 2008-03
anti-jap poster from USA
Poster from the US, World War II era.

The caption says: “STAY ON THE JOB UNTIL EVERY MUDERING JAP IS WIPED OUT!”. Note that such style of propaganda wouldn't be used today on American audience because the social climate has changed. The racial tone would create a backlash.

Nazi, Japs, as two-headed Monster
US poster from WWII, urging citizens to increase production. The heads that appear are those of Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo. image source
take day off poster
A poster made by US government, WWII era. image source

Note the ungrammatical phrase there. It reinforces the idea that Japanese do not speak our language. Also note the Asian-styled typeface, and the evilized Japanese facial characteristics.

Alaska death trap jap
US poster during WWII. image source
Propaganda Nazi Stabs Bible
US poster during WWII. The caption reads “THIS IS THE ENEMY”. image source

This piece works because majority of white Americans are Christians.

goddess guides expansion
A piece that sells WASP's Expansionism, belived to be a Manifest Destiny. image source

Here's the wikipedia caption:

This painting (circa 1872) by John Gast called American Progress is an allegorical representation of Manifest Destiny. In the scene, an angelic woman (sometimes identified as Columbia, a 19th century personification of the United States) carries the light of “civilization” westward with American settlers, stringing telegraph wire as she travels. American Indians and wild animals flee—or lead the way—into the darkness of the “uncivilized” West.

WASP mentality illustration
Ten thousand miles from tip to tip -- Philadelphia Press.
Your future al-Zarqawi
«US PSYOP leaflet disseminated in Iraq. It shows a caricature of Al-Zarqawi caught in a rat trap. The caption reads “This is your future, Zarqawi” (هذا مستقبلك يا زرقاوي)» image source

Bolshevik propaganda poster of Leon Trotsky slaying the dragon of counter-revolution, 1918.

The picture alludes to an icon of St. George (Георгий Победоносец) slaying a dragon, popular in the Russian Orthodox church. The inscription on the worm says Counter-revolution.

Korean propaganda
North Korean propaganda showing a soldier destroying the United States Capitol.
Destroy old world
«Chinese poster saying: “We'll destroy old world and build new.”. Classical example of the Red art from the early Cultural Revolution. Worker crushes the crucifix, Buddha and classical Chinese texts with his hammer; 1966» image source
jap cartoon 11 jap cartoon 4 jap cartoon 5 jap cartoon 9
Frames from Japanese propaganda animation using Mickey Mouse. The date of this animation seems to be 1934.

More info at: [1934 Japanese cartoon with evil Mickey Mouse By Mark Frauenfelder. At ( ) , accessed on 2012-08-23 ]

Other propaganda in animation:

Vichy France propaganda cartoon about the allied bombings of France.
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