Art of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

By Xah Lee. Date:

[ Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres ] [ ] (1780 to 1867).

Oedipus and the Sphinx
Oedipus and the Sphinx, 1808.

Sphinx is a half-woman half-lion creature who strangles passersby that cannot answer her riddle. [ Oedipus ] [ ] answered her riddle, and Sphix jumped off a high-rock and killed herself. Oedipus is also famously known for having (unknowingly) killed his father, for which we have the term Oedipus Complex.

Jupiter and Thetis
Jupiter and Thetis, 1811.

She sank to the ground beside him, put her left arm round his knees, raised her right hand to touch his chin, and so made her petition to the Royal Son of Cronos — [ Iliad ] [ ]

Note: Jupiter is the Roman God analogous to Zeus in Greek mythology. [ Thetis ] [ ] is a silver-footed sea nymph, mother of the Geek hero Archilles in Trojan War.

odalisque with a slave
[ Odalisque ] [ ] with a Slave, 1840.
nude girl pouring water from a vase
The spring, 1856.
Turkish Bath
Turkish Bath, 1862.