Sous Vide Cooking and Fat-Induced Habits

By Xah Lee. Date:

Learned a word Sous Vide. Basically, it's a fancy cooking method. Instead of cooking with high temperature for minutes, it cooks at warm temperature (e.g. 60°) for hours.

When food is cooked at high temperature, the heat changes the chemistry of the food. With low temp, the food's texture remains the same, thus supposedly more tasty.

Note that there's a danger in doing this. One primary reason for cooking is to kill bacteria. With low temp, you need to have a lot knowledge about pasteurization to achieve the same thing.

This is not my thing. Modern society induced people to do that. They are bored and have nothing to do all day. e.g. heavy metal music, Drifting (car driving). (For a commentary on the social development of Heavy Metal music, see: 花样的年华 (Age of Blossom).)

Remember that millions of people around the world don't have enough food to sustain life. Yet, here in US America, we have people going ways into the art of cooking for that little extra mile of taste.