World's Best Jugglers

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Here's some of the world's top 10 juggler's best videos.

Vova and Olga Galchenko, Club Passing

Galchenko, juggling

Vova and Olga Galchenko, are brother and sister. They are perhaps the world's best club passers.

Vova Galchenko practinging clubs. 7. And some 5 balls.
Vova and Kristina practicing clubs passing. Kristina is so sweet.

Thomas Dietz: Rings, Balls, Clubs

“28 years of Thomas Dietz”, juggling.

Thomas Dietz is one of the world's best all-round juggler. He juggles balls, rings, clubs, and holds some juggling record.

Markus Furtner: Devil Sticks

Markus Furtner. devil sticks

Markus Furtner is world's top devil sticks juggler.

Anthony Gatto: Rings, Balls, Clubs

Anthony Gatto, juggling

Anthony Gatto holds several of the world's juggling records (in terms af number of catches for most number of objects).

juggling balls

juggling clubs

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