Best Videos of Girl Jugglers

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This page collects good videos of girls juggling.

Erin Stephens

Erin Stephens juggling. The “The Makeup Show” but without the prologue.

Just discovered: Erin Stephens

I was in the mood to watch some random juggling videos. So on i ran into this video.

“The Makeup Show”

At first i watched the video with its long prologue of girlish nonsense, i wasn't even sure if this is something i'd want to continue. But the description said some chick juggling, and i thought if the juggling isn't watchable but watching girls juggle will perhaps compensate. Then, she appeared on the scene. Quite beautiful a young girl. What a sweetie, and she started to juggle 3 balls with a rather provocative dancing routine, of which, you'll never see men do. Very well done, and i was thinking of sex because she made me. But in the back of my mind, i knew that chicks can only do so much. The next scene, she started to do some 4-balls clawing. To be sure, elementary moves. I'm a bit rusty on clawing, but i can also do 4-balls clawing. But by the end of the video, i was angry for a realization, that her juggling craft beats me by quite far.

See for yourselves.

The tricks in this video are:

The music in the vid is Pon de Replay by Rihanna.

Joëlle Huguenin of Switzerland

Joëlle Huguenin. 2006. Fantastic 5 balls sitswap, backcross, mills-mess, and 5-clubs backcross. Music is 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday

Cate Emily

“Without Ritalin”. 3-ball juggling by Cate Emily.

The juggler is Cate Emily. Another fantastic girl juggler.

The tricks in this video are:
A acrobatic 3-balls routine. Including: behind the back shower.
4-balls. 4-balls piroutte and shower.
6-balls sync fountain.

Anna and Selby

Anna and Selby, clubs passing. 2007 Music is The Shins - Australia

Olga Galchenko

Olga Galchenko, in 2008, possibly the world's best female club juggler.

Vova and Olga Galchenko are brothers and sisters. They are the best club jugglers in the world.

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