Github Gitopuss in Many Guises

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Github Mascot: Octocat in Many Guises

github-mascot-i0 mascot. Designed by Simon Oxley (

The official name seems to be octocat, but i like to call it gitopuss.

github guide.
gitopuss open box
“gitopuss open box”
github error 404 starwars github error 500-2
github error pages.
github-octocat yes-we-code
“github-octocat yes-we-code”
open source contributor large large

Scifi Octocat

Dune octocat
“Dune octocat” by
android octocat
“android octocat” by
ironman octocat
“ironman octocat” by
stormtrooper octocat
“stormtrooper octocat” by
TRON octocat
“TRON octocat” by

Cultural Octocat

yaksha octocat
“yaksha octocat” by
founding father v2 octocat
“founding father v2 octocat” by
“maxtocat” by

Women Octocat

mom octocat
“mom octocat” by
female coder octocat
“female coder octocat” by
Twin Peaks Audrey octocat
“Twin Peaks Audrey octocat” by

Internet Octocat

gitopuss mario
“gitopuss mario” by
My Little Pony octocat
“My Little Pony octocat” by
Nyan gitopuss
nyan gitopuss. by (See original nyan cat here: the State of Reason in the Age of the Interweb: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!)

Many more at