Github Gitopuss in Many Guises

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Github Mascot: Octocat in Many Guises

github mascot. Designed by Simon Oxley (

The official name seems to be octocat, but i like to call it gitopuss.

github guide.
gitopuss open box
“gitopuss open box”
github error 404 starwars github error 500-2
github error pages.
github-octocat yes-we-code
“github-octocat yes-we-code”
open source contributor large large

Scifi Octocat

Dune octocat
“Dune octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
android octocat
“android octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
ironman octocat
“ironman octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
stormtrooper octocat
“stormtrooper octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
TRON octocat
“TRON octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]

Cultural Octocat

yaksha octocat
“yaksha octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
founding father v2 octocat
“founding father v2 octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
“maxtocat” by [2014-03-05 ]

Women Octocat

mom octocat
“mom octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
female coder octocat
“female coder octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
Twin Peaks Audrey octocat
“Twin Peaks Audrey octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]

Internet Octocat

gitopuss mario
“gitopuss mario” by [2014-03-05 ]
My Little Pony octocat
“My Little Pony octocat” by [2014-03-05 ]
Nyan gitopuss
nyan gitopuss. by [2014-03-05 ] (See original nyan cat here: the State of Reason in the Age of the Interweb: Riding Nyan Cat to Nebula and Moar!)

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