Chapter 19: Putting It All Together: Notes on the Structure of Lojban Texts

1. Introductory

2. Sentences: I

3. Paragraphs: NIhO

4. Topic-comment sentences: ZOhU

5. Questions and answers

6. Subscripts: XI

7. Utterance ordinals: MAI

8. Attitude scope markers: FUhE/FUhO

9. Quotations: LU, LIhU, LOhU, LEhU

10. More on quotations: ZO, ZOI

11. Contrastive emphasis: BAhE

12. Parenthesis and metalinguistic commentary: TO, TOI, SEI

13. Erasure: SI, SA, SU

14. Hesitation: Y

15. No more to say: FAhO

16. List of cmavo interactions

17. List of Elidable Terminators