Chapter 9: To Boston Via The Road Go I, With An Excursion Into The Land Of Modals

16. CV'V cmavo of selma'o BAI with irregular forms

There are 65 cmavo of selma'o BAI, of which all but one (“do'e”, discussed in c9-§6), are derived directly from selected gismu. Of these 64 cmavo, 36 are entirely regular and have the form CV'V, where C is the first consonant of the corresponding gismu, and the Vs are the two vowels of the gismu. The remaining BAI cmavo, which are irregular in one way or another, are listed in the table below. The table is divided into sub-tables according to the nature of the exception; some cmavo appear in more than one sub-table, and are so noted.

cmavo   gismu       comments

Monosyllables of the form CVV:

bai bapli
bau bangu
cau claxu
fau fasnu
gau gasnu
kai ckaji   uses 2nd consonant of gismu
mau zmadu   uses 2nd consonant of gismu
koi korbi
rai traji   uses 2nd consonant of gismu
sau sarcu
tai tamsmi  based on lujvo, not gismu
zau zanru

Second consonant of the gismu as the C:
    (the gismu is always of the form CCVCV)

ga'a    zgana
kai ckaji   has CVV form (monosyllable)
ki'i    ckini
la'u    klani   has irregular 2nd V
le'a    klesi   has irregular 2nd V
mau zmadu   has CVV form (monosyllable)
me'e    cmene
ra'a    srana
ra'i    krasi
rai traji   has CVV form (monosyllable)
ti'i    stidi
tu'i    stuzi

Irregular 2nd V:

fi'e    finti
la'u    klani   uses 2nd consonant of gismu
le'a    klesi   uses 2nd consonant of gismu
ma'e    marji
mu'u    mupli
ti'u    tcika
va'o    vanbi

Special cases:

ri'i    lifri   uses 3rd consonant of gismu
tai tamsmi  based on lujvo, not gismu
va'u    xamgu   CV'V cmavo can't begin with “x”