Chapter 8: Relative Clauses, Which Make sumti Even More Complicated

11. Index of relative clause cmavo

Relative clause introducers (selma'o NOI):

noi     incidental clauses
poi     restrictive clauses
voi     restrictive clauses (non-veridical)

Relative phrase introducers (selma'o GOI):

goi     pro-sumti assignment
pe      restrictive association
ne      incidental association
po      extrinsic (alienable) possession
po'e        intrinsic (inalienable) possession
po'u        restrictive identification
no'u        incidental identification

Relativizing pro-sumti (selma'o KOhA):

ke'a        pro-sumti for relativized sumti

Relative clause joiner (selma'o ZIhE)

zi'e        joins relative clauses applying to
            a single sumti

Relative clause associator (selma'o VUhO)

vu'o        causes relative clauses to apply to
            all of a complex sumti

Elidable terminators (each its own selma'o)

ku'o        relative clause elidable terminator
ge'u        relative phrase elidable terminator