Chapter 3: The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Lojban

11. English Analogues For Lojban Diphthongs

Here is a list of English words that contain diphthongs that are similar to the Lojban diphthongs. This list does not constitute an official pronunciation guide; it is intended as a help to English-speakers.

Lojban      English

ai      “pie”
ei      “pay”
oi      “boy”
au      “cow”

ia      “yard”
ie      “yes”
ii      “ye”
io      “yodel” (in GA only)
iu      “unicorn” or “few”

ua      “suave”
ue      “wet”
ui      “we”
uo      “woe” (in GA only)
uu      “woo”

iy          “million” (the “io” part, that is)
uy          “was” (when unstressed)