Chapter 19: Putting It All Together: Notes on the Structure of Lojban Texts

17. List of Elidable Terminators

The following list shows all the elidable terminators of Lojban. The first column is the terminator, the second column is the selma'o that starts the corresponding construction, and the third column states what kinds of grammatical constructs are terminated. Each terminator is the only cmavo of its selma'o, which naturally has the same name as the cmavo.

be'o    BE      sumti attached to a tanru unit
boi     PA/BY       number or lerfu string
do'u    COI/DOI     vocative phrases
fe'u    FIhO        ad-hoc modal tags
ge'u    GOI     relative phrases
kei     NU      abstraction bridi
ke'e    KE      groups of various kinds
ku      LE/LA       description sumti
ku'e    PEhO        forethought mekso
ku'o    NOI     relative clauses
li'u    LU      quotations
lo'o    LI      number sumti
lu'u    LAhE/NAhE+BO    sumti qualifiers
me'u    ME      tanru units formed from sumti
nu'u    NUhI        forethought termsets
se'u    SEI/SOI     metalinguistic insertions
te'u    various     mekso conversion constructs
toi     TO      parenthetical remarks
tu'u    TUhE        multiple sentences or paragraphs
vau     (none)      simple bridi or bridi-tails
ve'o    VEI     mekso parentheses