Chapter 18: lojbau mekso: Mathematical Expressions in Lojban

25. Complete table of PA cmavo: digits, punctuation, and other numbers.

Decimal digits:

no, pa, re, ci, vo, mu, xa, ze, bi, so 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 rafsi: non, pav, rel, cib, von, mum, xav, zel, biv, soz
Hexadecimal digits:
dau, fei, gai, jau, rei, vai A/10, B/11, C/12, D/13, E/14, F/15
Special numbers:
pai, ka'o, te'o, ci'i pi, imaginary i, exponential e, infinity
Number punctuation:
pi, ce'i, fi'u decimal point, percentage, fraction (not division) rafsi: piz, cez, fi'u (from frinu; see c18-§20)
pi'e, ma'u, ni'u mixed-base point, plus sign (not addition), minus sign (not subtraction)
ki'o, ra'e thousands comma, repeating-decimal indicator
ji'i, ka'o approximation sign, complex number separator
Indefinite numbers:
ro, so'a, so'e, so'i, so'o, so'u, da'a all, almost all, most, many, several, few, all but rafsi: rol, soj, sor or so'i, sos, sot, daz
su'e, su'o at most, at least rafsi: su'e, su'o
me'i, za'u less than, more than
no'o the typical number

Subjective numbers:

rau, du'e, mo'a enough, too many, too few


xo, tu'o number question, null operand