Chapter 18: lojbau mekso: Mathematical Expressions in Lojban

23. mekso selma'o summary

Except as noted, each selma'o has only one cmavo.

BOI elidable terminator for numerals
    and lerfu strings
BY  lerfu for variables and functions
    (see Chapter 17)
FUhA    reverse-Polish flag
GOhA    includes “du” (mathematical equality)
    and other non-mekso cmavo
JOhI    array flag
KUhE    elidable terminator for forethought mekso
LI  mekso articles (li and me'o)
MAhO    make operand into operator
MOI creates mekso selbri
    (moi, mei, si'e, and cu'o, see c18-§11)
MOhE    make sumti into operand
NAhU    make selbri into operator
NIhE    make selbri into operand
NUhA    make operator into selbri
PA  numbers (see c18-§25)
PEhO    optional forethought mekso marker
TEhU    elidable terminator for
    NAhU, NIhE, MOhE, MAhO, and JOhI
VEI left parenthesis
VEhO    right parenthesis
VUhU    operators (see c18-§24)
XI  subscript flag