Chapter 14: If Wishes Were Horses: The Lojban Connective System

20. Constructs and appropriate connectives

The following table specifies, for each kind of construct that can be logically or non-logically connected in Lojban, what kind of connective is required for both afterthought and (when possible) forethought modes. An asterisk (*) indicates that tensed connection is permitted.

A line of dashes indicates that connection of the specified type is not possible.

construct   afterth. foreth.  afterth.  foreth.
                logical  logical  non-log.  non-log.
---------   -------  -------  --------  --------

bridi       ijek*    gek     ijoik*     joigik
sumti       ek*      gek     joik*      joigik
bridi-tails gihek*   gek     —        joigik
termsets    ek*      gek     joik*      joigik
tanru parts jek      guhek   joik*      ---
operands    ek*      gek     joik*      joigik
operators   jek      guhek   joik       ---
tenses/modals   jek      —     joik       ---
abstractors jek      —     joik       ---