Wordy Blog Archive 2013-04

toaster to bread inside me hot
Toaster to bread: “I want you inside me.”. Bread: “That's hot.”.

Logic Writing Style: the Incongruousness of the Word “Actually”

now, all classic tales and essays on this site has JavaScript highlighting feature. For example, go to the Story of Cupid and Psyche, hover annotated words to see its annotation highlighted.

some selection of other stories and essays with heavy annotation:

Arabian Nights. Spectacular tale. The First Kalandar's Tale

Allograph, Variant of the Letter s = ſ and Integral Sign ∫

today's words: multiplex, hymn, chorale, stark, bunting. Arcade Fire — Abraham's Daughter (Hunger Games Ending Credits Song) 🎶

today's word: Elysium. Portishead — Elysium 🎶

Portishead — Wandering Stars 🎶

starting to banish the article “the” in my writings. Mostly. Banish the fuck out of it of the universe.