XstreetSL Item Disappears

By Xah Lee. Date: .

There's a really bad bug in XstreetSL. If you item has multiple languages, and when you edit the page or add a language, the item will disappear, for about 2 to 3 days.

This is now a known issue, as jira bug 114.

Here's some detail of my story.

This happen to me too. I make slightly over $100 usd per month, and the primary product that made this happen is a particle making machine.

My item is this xstreetsl.com ItemID 1387599.

It does have multiple languages which i added long ago.

On 2010-05-20, i tried to update the description for a new manual, and bang, the item disappeared. I went into panic. Spend 2 hours eventually found a place to post to Linden Labs support, and also posted to xstreet market place forum. Just got a notice from support today (2010-05-24) that points me to this jira bug page.

It'd very bad for me particularly because i have hundreds of note cards in all manuals and advertisements, already distributed in-world, that points to the xstreet url. As well all my documents and advertisement on my website pointing to this url. I also have ratings and user comments on the item. The item is also a featured item i paid for about a year now.

Glad that the item came back though. (4 days)

Hope Lindens will fix this asap.

Now i'm afraid to edit the page.

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