Xah Particle Maker Release Notes

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Version 1.6.1; 2009-05-20

This is a major release, featuring real-time graphical user interface sliders for all particle parameters.

Graphical User Interface Changes

• Added sliders for all parameters. These sliders update particles in real time. You can hold your mouse button and move your mouse on the panel, to see particles change in real time.

• The Color Pickers now also update particles in real time.

Chat Command Changes

• Some command names have changed.

Old NameNew Name

The new names are more self-explanatory.

• Much better input check. Now, ALL chat commands will be checked on its validity. For example, typing “age 40” will result “Max sprite age is 30 seconds. I've set it to 30 for you.”. These are Second Life limits, some are actually Second Life bugs.

Parameter Display Changes

• The parameter names are changed to the new command names.

• The parameter display has been improved a lot. For example, it displays “(spam ≈ 30%)”. This means the particle is using 30% of the max particles of a typical Second Life client's default preference settings. The default for most users is 4096 sprites. In the previous version, it would display “(total: 1228)”.

• Fixed a bug in the param display. When pattern is DROP, then BurstSpeed (now BurstSpeedRange) has no effect and should be shown as “◇”.

• Fixed a bug where ending zero in particle age is dropped. For example, when you type “age 10”, then press “Create Script”, the age in the script is 1.

Version 1.5.51; 2009-05-12

This is a major release with many improvements.

Graphical User Interface Improvements

Chat Command Improvements

Other Improvements

Bug Fixes

Version 1.4.38; 2009-05-01

First Public Release; 2009-03

Thanks to Sleeves Rhode, Aaliyah Capelo for help and support.

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