Second Life Tech Warfare Guide Bot Info

By Xah Lee. Date: , 2009-02

This page gives a detailed info of the bots in the game Second Life Tech Warfare. For a complete guide on strategy, see: Second Life Tech Warfare Guide.

It is essentiall that you know the strengths and weakness of each bot by heart, if you want to be a top player.

Each bot has a cost, a firing power, a firing range, speed of movement, armor, and whether they target land based bots, airborne bots, or both. You must at some point read the Bot Info that details these specifications for each bot. This Bot Info is available as a notecard in the game panel. The following describes some common tried and true uses of the bots, as well as each bot's complete spec.



Marauder are the cheapest bot. They are in general a good bot.


Marauder is a cheap way to defeat Scorpions. Scorpion won't target Marauder, but Marauder will target Scorpion. When a enemy Scorpion is attacking your bots, drop one or more Marauder on it.

Marauder is a cheap way to defeat Mega Cannons. Run to a enemy Mega Cannon and drop a Marauder. The Mega Cannon will be destroyed within 2 seconds.

Marauder is a good wingman for Saw Bots. (however, note that Saw Bots are in general useless if it has to travel)

Marauder is good in numbers, especially in team play when there are 6 or more of them together. Because, if a enemy player runs to them to drop Saw Bots, he is likely to be killed.


Marauder has weak fire power. For the same costs, a number of Marauders will lose to Gun Turrets or Cannon Turrets or Gunners.

To kill a Marauder, put 2 Marauders on it. To kill a group of Marauders, put some Gun Turrets, or Gunners, or Saw Bots onto them.

Saw Bot


Saw Bot got the strongest fire power, but the shortest range, and moves most slowly.

When using Saw, you need to drop it right on the enemy bot. The precision in location is very important.

Never not drop Saws out in the open, unless in a team play, you and or your team mates can together drop 5 or more saws together at one time.


Saw bots are the most effective bot in attacking Generators. Run to a enemy Generator and drop a Saw Bot on it. Likewise, when your Generator is attacked by a Saw, drop a Saw on the enemy Saw.


To kill Saw, drop a Saw and a Marauder on it. Or, drop 2 Saws on it. Or, drop a Gunner 5 meters away.

When a Saw is near your Generator and is about to head towards it, you can lead it away, by standing close to it and gradually move away from your Generator towards you base. Once the Saw is about 2 meters away from your Generator, it will then head toward your base instead, which generally means it'll die by your base's Gun Turrets.



Scorpion got the longest range, and moves the fastest. Scorpion will target player as its priority, and is the most effective in Player-Kill. However, its fire power on other bots is relative weak.


Scorpions, Marauders, and Shockers and Missile Towers, are the best weapons for player-kill, and Scorpion is the king among them by far. You can sneak in 3 Scorpions on a player and the player will likely die if made a few second delays in running.

Scorpion is also good for attacking a group of Cannon Turrets, since Cannot Turrets only target ground bots.

Scorpion is also most effective for eliminating any pack of Jets, UFOs, Nano bots created by factories.


Scorpion will not target Marauders, while Marauders will target Scorpions. While Scorpion is fixed attacking a target, rez some Marauders under it to kill it.

Scorpion has weak fire power and weak armor. So, Scorpion will lose to Gunner one on one.



Gunner is a all-around general purpose attacker. No war will win without Gunners.


Gunner is in general good for everything. It is good for attacking Marauders, Tower turrets, factories, Saw Bots, Scorpions, anything. It doesn't have particular special use or special weakness, and is needed in every fight.


Gunner cost 30 points, so is among the expensive ones. To kill Gunners, drop Saw on it. Or, a Gunner plus a Marauder.

Mega Cannon

mega cannon

Mega Cannon is a ground attacker that's got the longest fire range. However, it moves the slowest, slower than Saw Bot, and has the weakest armor.


Mega Cannon is particular good in zapping out enemy towers. No enemy tower can stand it, since they all have a shorter range. A Mega Cannon will wipe out a entire set of Towers if left alone.

Mega Cannon is extremely vulnerable to attack. Any bot that target it will kill it instantly. So, in general you need to protect your Mega Cannons. Here are some ways to protect it:

This means, Mega Cannons are good in your base area for defense, because enemy cannot rez bots within 10 meters of your base.

Mega Cannons are also good when surrounded by Mini Cannons created by Cannon Factory.

Another way to use Mega Cannons is to baby sit them. Meaning, stand where they are and keep guarding them. When a enemy comes close, he will likely drop a Marauder or Gunner or Saw. You will respond with the same, so your Mega Cannon don't get killed. And you can add to it periodically. Mega Cannons are powerful in numbers.


Mega Cannon is extremely vunerable to attack. A single Marauder will kill it within 2 seconds. If there is a pack of Mega Cannons, one can drop a number of Marauders, or a few Saws.

Turret Towers

Turret Towers are used in general for defensive purposes. As such, they are more cost effective than moving bots.

Gun Turrets and Cannon Turrets

gun turret cannon turret

Both Gun and Cannon turrets are the primary general purpose turrets. Gun Turrets have a short range and stronger fire power than Cannon Turrets. When mutually in range, Gun will take out Cannon turrets, but when they are 7 meters apart, Cannon turret will take out Gun Turrets while unharmed.

Shock and Missile Turrets

shock turret missile turret

Shock and Missile Turrets both have long range but weak power.

In general, these are not that much useful. Some top player never use them. They may have some advantage in team play where there are a number of them.

Here are some relative powers of the turrets:


Factories, once rezzed, will periodically spawn mini bots by themselves. Here are a general principle about factories:

Among the factories, Cannon Factory and Fighter factory are considered the most powerful, but not in any absolute sense.

When one on one, Fighter factory will destroy any other airbone mini bots created by other factories (They are: nanos, UFO). However, the Jets created by Fighter Factory does not target land bots, so, soldiers created by soldier factory will destroy all jets.

Cannon Factory will create mini cannons, that will take out Soldiers, and is considered the strongest land support among all factories. However, UFOs will clean out Cannons.

Here's some general info about factory vs factory:

Note: Jets only attack air targets and turrets and Generators and base. It does not attack other ground forces such as Marauders, Mega Cannons, or Mini Cannons.