Second Life Viewer 2 Problems

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Many aspects of Viewer 2 are stupid.

The new design is based on web browsers, so it is more familiar to people. I think in general it is a great new interface. More simple, easier to use. However, there are quite a lot stupidities that made it very inefficient while it need not be. Here's some examples i'm writing down as i find it. (i haven't been using Viewer 2. I always use Emerald and now Phoenix.)

Keyboard Shortcut Problems


Mouse Look Problems

Other Bad Aspects

Here's some issues with Viewer 2 or before that i hate very much. Been using Emerald Viewer for 2 years, and now Phoenix.

Good Aspects

What are some UI improvements?

Overall, the GUI is more intuitive and modern.

The notices are better. You don't have the old one stack on another.

The lsl menu are better (menu from your attachments). It is now shown as a standard window. You can close it in normal ways such as clicking the X on top right or use Ctrl+w. (But you need to click on it first to put it on focus.)