Second Life Player's Frequently Asked Questions

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If i know a sim's name, how do i go to it?

Press Ctrl+m to show SL map. Type the name in the search box there, then click the Teleport button.

How to get inside or outside a locked house?

Sit on something inside it.

I'm stuck. How to unstuck?

Have nearby friend tp you. Or, try sit on something.

How to pass thru walls?

Create a prim, sit on it, then move the prim. You can also buy a hover-seat or worm-hole pads inworld, that allows you to pass thru walls. These items use a script that are based on the technique above. Or, use a vehicle or flight enhancer, and fly at high speed.

My Xah Tele-Dasher can dash you thru walls.

Can a person be invisible?

It depends on what invisibility means. Here's some answers: (1) It is not possible to not show up on the mini-map. (2) It is not possible to not be detected in a scanning script that detect agents within a 96 radius. (these are sold as scanners or radars) (buy my Xah Combat Aim Radar.) (3) It is not truely possible to be visually invisible in the sense that your avatar doesn't show up in other player's client.

It is possible, however, to fake some invisibility, in the sense that your avatar doesn't show up in other's client screen. This is done by wearing a large prim with textures that are transparent. The problem is that your surrounding will also become invisible or odd, and you will still flash visibility periodically.

Viewing, Radar

How do i find out if a sim has people, without actually visiting the sim?

Press Ctrl+m to open the Map. Type the sim's name in the search box there, then you can see people as dots on the map.

How to see far away in a sim?

Bring up your preference panel by pressing Ctrl+p. Under the Graphics tab, adjust the View Distance. If your graphics card or on-board graphics chip is not powerful enough, large view distance will slow you down.

Is there a way to see far away without being there?

You can move your camera about 20 meters away from your avatar's position. For a tutorial, see Second Life Navigate Camera. You can also disable the camera distance restriction. Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+d, then you'll get a menu named Advanced. Then, pull the menu Client: Disable Camera Constraints.

How to see thru walls?

Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+9 or Ctrl+Shift+Alt+1. Or, you can just navigate your camera into the building. (for a tutorial, see Second Life Navigate Camera)

Walking, Running

How to walk sideways or “strafe”?

Press {Shift+, Shift+}. You can also fly side-ways.

How to run?

Use menu [World ▸ Always Run] or press Ctrl+r.


How to fly above 200 meters?

You have to wear a flight enhancer, or ride a flying vehicle. Flight enhancer usually comes in the form of wings, jet pack, or can be invisible ones you wear or attach as HUD. These are many free ones and commercial ones too.

How to fly in a no-fly zone?

Press Ctrl+Alt+v, then fly.

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