Deaths in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Deaths in Second Life

there are dis-proportionally large number of deaths in Second Life. Because, Second Life is filled with escapists: terminally ill, cripple, imbecile (certified), drunkards, or otherwise fsked up in first life.

inworld, they all are beautiful, or helpful, or great guy, or sexy model, but in real life, they are the miserable types you won't touch with a 9 foot pole.

in my 4 years living in Second Life (~2007 to 2010), i've had several of my acquaintances or friends died. Then, you read about it all over Second Life blogs and news sites, for the popular ones, including countless obituaries and shrines and mourning day etc inworld.

the anthropology and sociology of Second Life is quite interesting. Because, you've got tens of thousands of people essentially live in it. You see behaviors, activities, speech mannerism, psychology, sexual oddities, formation of communities and structure of societies, aggression and war, in a virtual world that food isn't a issue, leaving just human nature in all its ramifications.

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