Buy Lindens Special Offer

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

I sell Linden Dollars, better rate for you than Linden Labs.


I give you 10 lindens more per $USD than the current rate from Linden Labs.

Minimum is USD$10.

How Does It Works?

IM me, and tell me how much USD you want to spend. I'll respond as soon as i can (usually right away).

Then, i send you the lindens, then, you send me $USD by paypal.

You must be referred by someone i know first. Otherwise, you send me $L first.

Can You Trust Me?

You can trust me, because i have a website you are reading that's been online since 2000, and is visited by 7 thousand people per day.


You can contact me in any of the above ways. Please say “i want to buy lindens”, and say how much USD you want to spend. Tell me who referred you if any. (please do not just say “hi”, because there are lots spam.)

I'm also a merchant at XStreetSL. See my products at: SL Marketplace.