Feminism Perving 2016-05

Greatest Athlete or Most Famous Transgender? Caitlyn Jenner

currently learned about Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner story (born 1949).

he was Olympic gold medal winner in track and fields, in 1972. Then he became a transgender woman in 2015, at age of 65.

Caitlyn Jenner Reveals New Identity in Vanity Fair Photo Shoot | Good Morning America | ABC News

it's remarkable because, (1) this guy, was masculine, because you can't compete with other men in track and fields unless you are a man. (2) he's changing to women, at the advanced age of 65. (3) Olympics gold medalist. Fame.

It's not a personal story, but social and cultural.

imagine, weird, statistically abnormal, people, like me, can one day, under the lime light, proclaim right of weirdness, and win applause.

what does it take for this change in society?

i think it's complex. Lot of factors and causes.

look at it this way. The social perception of gay male, has changed significantly in past decades. And similar, so has it about sexual practices (e.g. anal sex, fisting). And going back further, the perception of women in society in past decades. (we are considering only in context of modern USA.) And going back further, in USA, the perception of black people, and slaves.

society changes, social norms changes. So, the question here is, what causes it to change? and what kinda element can change? then, what kinda constituent, that made a structure of social norm in the first place?

this is a funny thing because, something that's a abhorrent crime today, can become a right tomorrow, and vice versa, as have happened above.

Disney Princess War | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

[30 years of research prove couples with children really do have worse marriages By Matthew D Johnson (Professor, Binghamton University). At http://qz.com/683197/30-years-of-research-prove-couples-with-children-really-do-have-worse-marriages/ , accessed on 2016-05-26 ]

why do ladies fall for daring guys?

Old Spice, Rocket Car commercial.

why do ladies fall for daring guys? like, the James Bond 007 character?

if you are daring and you are not dead yet, you got something.

Stop Wearing Skirts When You Are Old

some stars, when they get old, gets ugly fast.

Prince (born 1958, age 57) aged very well.

Sinead O'Connor (born 1966) only at 49, doesn't look good at all. Bjork (born 1965, age 50), also don't look so good.

Don Johnson of Miami Vice, is doing extremely well.

Madonna (born 1958, age 57), not looking very good.

Billy Idol (born 1955, age 60), looks pretty bad now.

sometimes you see these old ladies, with heavy makeup, and still trying to act sexy on stage. Same with old guys on stage trying to be hip.

[ Grace Slick ] [ 2016-05-01 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_Slick ] of Jefferson Airplane said it best:

“All rock-and-rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.”

—Grace Slick