Feminism Perving 2016-04

What Makes a Beautiful Girl Beautiful?

from the etymology of dashing to psychology of attraction. bottom: 韩宝仪 《你瀟灑我漂亮》 (You be Cool, I be Pretty)

for female, you have to have baby young. After 30, your chances of healthy baby is like throwing a dice.

Taylor Swift Lorde 2016-03
Taylor Swift and Lorde . 〔image source, Lorde's instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BCYnvA6tlaG/

this is called, Vanity Fair.

and notice the golden collar.

beautiful commercial: Air France - France is in the air

Air France - France is in the air

women nubile female, the center of humanity.

lovely commercial. Beautiful and Fake.

how much to make this commercial? very much.

Vagina on YouTube and Censorship